What are the components of simple PVC Manual Resuscitator

Simple PVC Manual Resuscitator looks simple, but it is a simple PVC Manual Resuscitator that helps many patients. What are the components of simple PVC Manual Resuscitator?

Simple PVC Manual Resuscitator components are as follows:

(1) Face mask (face mask material is silicone, PVC)

(2) check valve

(3) Sphere

(4) Gas storage safety valve (some breathing apparatus storage valve in the tail of the breathing apparatus. Some air storage valves are not at the end of the respirator and are connected to the air storage bag)

(5) oxygen storage bag (or thick bellows)

(6) Oxygen catheter (the other end of the oxygen catheter is connected with the oxygen container)

Some of the balloons are also equipped with gas filters, mouth openers, oropharyngeal vents, etc.

If there is no toxic gas at the rescue site, only air storage bag and oxygen catheter can be connected. If there are more than one person at the scene to rescue, oxygen tube and air storage bag can be connected by an assistant. The mouth opener is suitable for use when the mouth is closed and the oropharyngeal airway cannot enter the mouth.

PVC Manual Resuscitator https://www.nblukemed.com/First_Aid/PVC_Manual_Resuscitator.html

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