latex finger glove vendor How do we protect our hands?

In industrial production, in order to avoid corrosive solvent hand erosion, in the food clean room, in order to protect the health and safety of food, in winter life and housework, in order to avoid cold water hand frostbite, we need gloves to protect our hands.

In today's increasingly high quality of life, people increasingly put aside bulky and dilated gloves, light comfortable stick hand latex finger glove vendor has become a new fashion.

1. latex finger glove vendor is refined from Malaysian nitrile rubber. Compared with rubber gloves, latex finger glove vendor is not allergic to people.

2. latex finger glove vendor working face is designed with anti-skid design, which improves the operating safety and is suitable for precision zero device detection, laboratory test, medical surgery and other rigorous work.

3. latex finger glove vendor has stable chemical properties, strong corrosion resistance, and is not easy to be damaged, which can well protect hands from being eroded by chemicals.

4. latex finger glove vendor has been tested and certified by NEBB, and the cleaning, drying and packaging processes are all carried out in grade 10 or grade 100 clean rooms. High quality super clean latex finger glove vendor, is our only choice.

latex finger glove vendor

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