Air purification in ventilation systems

Indoor air filtration is a very important issue that should not be neglected. You should also carry out HVAC cleaning regularly, this is also very important. 

What kind of air do we breathe?

The air in the environment is polluted and unfavorable to human health. Because of this, many people get sick constantly. The air used to be much cleaner, but with the advent of cars and other sources of pollution, it is getting worse every year. This is also affected by factories and stations that emit huge amounts of harmful substances into the environment every day.

Household items also contribute to air pollution. Furniture, building materials and equipment emit harmful substances. People do the same with animals. Also, do not forget about carbon dioxide, cigarette smoke, perfumes and the chemical industry.

Such air enters the human lungs every day, and from there it spreads throughout the body. The brain requires clean air without impurities. Because of this, people often feel unwell and get sick. Frequent symptoms are headache or nausea.

Why do you need to filter air in ventilation systems?

The human body must receive clean air. This is why the ventilation system was invented. It should supply exceptionally clean air masses, from which your head will become light and your health will always be good. This solution will be needed everywhere. Ventilation will create a favorable airy atmosphere in apartments, cottages, offices, restaurants and so on.

It is necessary to filter the air to reduce the amount of harmful impurities that make you feel worse. It is also possible to remove the source of contamination. This solution is suitable for those who are allergic to anything. You can find the source that supplies the harmful allergens and eliminate it through cleaning. This is just one example of the use of a ventilation system.

How is air purified in ventilation systems?

To clean the air supplied to the room, ventilation units are equipped with air filters of varying degrees of purification and design. They can be:

  • dust collectors - devices that remove dust from the air;
  • air – remove dust from the supply and recirculation air.

Depending on the principle of operation, filters can be:

  • gravitational;
  • inertial;
  • contact action;
  • electric.

Gravity filters are dust collectors that use gravity. In certain areas inside the devices, air flows at a slower rate, which allows gravity to lower dust particles. The slow air flow does not take away the settled dust.

Inertial dust collectors are dry and wet filters. They work on the principle of inertia. Inside the device, dirty air changes its direction so that all the dust settles in a special container.

Contact filters trap dust particles using dry or wet porous materials. It can be fabric, fibers, paper, mesh and so on. Electric filters use ionization to get rid of various particles in the air.

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