HUAWEI 6063 aluminum sheet

6063 Aluminum sheet is broadly utilized in frame construction aluminum doors and windows, curtain partitions, that allows you to make sure the high wind resistance overall performance, meeting performance, corrosion resistance and decorative properties, the complete performance requirements of the Aluminum Alloy is tons higher than the industrial widespread. 6063 aluminum alloy sheet has lower power than 6061 alloy, it's far with properly extrusion, corrosion resistance and excellent floor remedy. 6063 belongs to low alloying Al-Mg-Si series excessive plasticity alloy. It has many treasured features.
1. Warmth treatment strengthening, excessive impact longevity, now not sensitive to defects.2. Have brilliant thermoplastic, may be squeezed right into a high-speed complicated structure, quenching temperature has large variety, the quenching sensitivity is low.Three. Exquisite weld-capacity and corrosion resistance, no tendency of pressure corrosion cracking. Al-Mg-Si alloy is the simplest alloy that doesn't discover pressure corrosion cracking in warmness treated reinforced aluminum alloy.Four. After processing, the surface is very clean, and clean for anodizing and coloring. The downside is that stored after being quenched at room temperature for a period of time, it will have a terrible impact at the strength (parking effect).
The temper of 6063 aluminum sheet may be O, T4, T6, T651, the thickness may be zero.Three-600 mm, the width can be 500-2600 mm, the period can be500-16000 mm. 6063 aluminum sheet with its true plasticity, slight warmness remedy strength, proper welding performance and anodic oxidation remedy, surface coloration fantastic and plenty of other benefits, and is broadly utilized in constructing materials, irrigation pipe, the car, bench, furnishings, lifts, fences and other fields.
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