Electronic Arts will not release FIFA 24. What will fans of football simulators play now?

Electronic Arts will not release FIFA 24 this year. The new version of the football simulator will be called EA Sports FC. It turns out that FIFA 23 is the final game in the FIFA series from EA Sports. EA CEO Andrew Wilson spoke back in October 2021 about the possible termination of cooperation with the football federation FIFA. So the gaming community was ready for the fact that the next version of the legendary football simulator would at some point be released under a different name. It is worth recalling that the FIFA series of games has been released for PC and consoles since 1993. The football simulator was very popular with players, and FIFA competitions turned into an e-sports discipline.

Two games at once!

However, this does not mean at all that virtual football fans will now be left without games. The FIFA football federation, inspired by the success of Electronic Arts, is going to develop its own game, and Electronic Arts will release a new football simulator called EA Sports FC. The main thing is not to get confused by the names when FIFA releases FIFA 24, and Electronic Arts announces the release of EAFC 24. Fans of the EA simulator will probably call the game FIFA for a long time. After all, EA has been releasing football games called FIFA for over 30 years. But now everything will change.

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Didn't agree on price

The reason for the termination of cooperation between the game developer and the football federation is quite simple. The International Football Federation has asked for about $1 billion for the right to use the FIFA brand. Despite the billions in revenue from FIFA Ultimate Team, EA refused to pay, considering it too high a price for the title.

The World Cup is canceled

What fate awaits EA's football simulator after the end of cooperation with FIFA? Firstly, as we have already said, a rebranding will be carried out, and the game will receive a new name. Secondly, we will no longer see the World Cup in EA games. However, players will not be deprived of the real Champions League and authentic club names. The names and appearances of real football stars will also be preserved in the game. EA secured the rights to the original players through a deal with FIFPRO and announced partnerships with top leagues in the EAFC around the world.

When to expect games to come out

In April of this year, representatives of Electronic Arts showed the EA Sports FC logo to the gaming community and hinted that in July players would be able to see a demo or trailer of the new game. According to information leaked online from the developers, the game's release is scheduled for the end of September 2023. 

The International Football Federation has not yet announced the exact release date of its own game. However, there is information that indirectly hints that a release should not be expected in the near future. FIFA President Gianni Infantino made a statement during his re-election that talked about FIFA 25 and apparently deliberately left out FIFA 24. This suggests that they don't have the right developer yet.

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