Why is it useful to watch TV series?

In the 90s and early 2000s, the concept of “serials” for the viewer was associated with “Tropicana” and “Santa Barbara” or local serials about dramatic destinies (often with a melodramatic context) and the difficult service of law enforcement agencies. However, even then there were many quality foreign shows. And while we shed a tear when Juan once again abandoned Laura, the world was watching the nth season of Star Trek and Doctor Who, which took off in the 60s and are still considered one of the best science fiction series. Find a lot of TV series and information about them at https://kinoscan.com/en/

Of course, there was no talk of globalization then. But today, when the Internet is in every home and there are many streaming services on the market, we have access to the highest-rated projects that are radically different from “passable soap.” For some, watching TV series is a waste of time. But many while away their free evening watching an episode or two, often reproaching themselves for being idle. However, such “idleness” has its own benefits. And today we will talk about why modern serials are so captivating and how watching TV series can be useful to us.

TV series as a phenomenon of the last decade

For a long time, TV series were in the shadow of big cinema, and it was not easy for this broadcast format to go beyond the scope of “leisure for housewives.” Even quite interesting projects stretched over a huge number of episodes, which could be difficult to keep track of. And, having missed a couple of episodes, you could completely stop understanding what was happening on the screen. But this was before the advent of the World Wide Web, the widespread spread of which opened up new prospects for TV series. But the phenomenal nature of modern TV series lies not only in accessibility. Over the past couple of decades, serial projects have undergone a number of metamorphoses, thanks to which today they can compete with cinema on an equal footing.

Accessibility and brevity

Yes, now viewers have the opportunity to independently choose the shows they are interested in and watch it at a pace that is convenient, rather than setting aside an hour every day in front of the  television , say, from 17:00 to 18:00 and with the obligatory viewing of advertising. Today, you can “swallow” a season of a great series in one sitting, or stretch it out into 1-2 episodes over a week - whatever the viewer’s darling desires. But the “serial marathon” became possible when the creators abandoned multi-episode and multi-season “operas” in favor of brevity. Some of the top TV series today have only 6-10 episodes per season, and the seasons themselves are counted in units, not tens.

Variety of genres and high quality

It should be noted that the themes of modern TV series have expanded many times over. The detectives and sitcoms that have become classics have been joined by historical series, series based on books and comics, fantasy, sci-fi and fantasy projects, series about the future, parallel universes, dystopias and many other genres and subgenres, among which even the most demanding viewer. But today you can hardly find genres in their pure form, and each project can combine several genres, which provides an endless field for screenwriting and directorial ideas.

But not just genres. Have you noticed how the quality of TV series improves from year to year and how the budgets for their production grow? The creators today do not skimp on screenwriters, on directing, on special effects (where they are implied), or on scenery, or on attracting Hollywood-scale stars to their projects. And if for the latter, some time ago, starring in a series meant sliding down the career ladder, but now it has lost its relevance. Today, such masters as Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Adrien Brody, Kate Winslet and many other actors, who have won many cult films and prestigious film awards, are starring in multi-part series. And for aspiring actors, participation in the filming of a series that received good ratings opens the way to big cinema.

Dynamism, intrigue and... anticipation

The narrative in TV series today has become more dynamic. Sometimes in one 40-minute episode so many plot-changing events happen that they previously could not (or did not want to) cover in an entire season. But the writers don’t forget about the intrigue at the end of the episodes, which makes it difficult to resist watching another plot. The viewer is literally drawn into the whirlpool of events.

Another “hook” that the creators of multi-episode projects catch us with is the seasonality and cyclical nature of series, which cause the effect of anticipation. If you are already hooked on a show, then you probably know that when this season ends, you will have to wait a year or two for the next one. On the one hand, I would like the interesting story not to end and to come out quickly, and, on the other hand, such a break will allow you not to get fed up with one series and wait with anticipation for what the writers will spin in the next season. In the meantime, you are waiting for the release of your favorites, you will probably also watch several other series, some of which also have a chance to migrate into your favorites.

What are the benefits of TV series?

The army of series fans is only growing every day. However, many viewers cannot part with the feeling of guilt that comes from watching multi-episode shows. After all, it always seems that this hour or two can be spent with great benefit - sorting out the clutter on the table, doing an audit in the closet, going somewhere with friends (an option for extroverts), “finishing off” a book that has not been finished for a couple of months... List may be endless and everyone, of course, has their own, but most likely there will be no place for TV series in it. We hasten to please you - everything is not so sad! And you can watch TV series. And sometimes it’s even necessary.

Family leisure

The tradition of the whole family gathering in front of  the blue screens in the evenings  has existed for quite a long time. Previously, we watched the news, old films or some talk shows, but today you can watch quality TV series together that will appeal to all household members. And, as you understand, we are not talking about those that are broadcast on TV - TV channels rarely broadcast top projects. Joint leisure brings people together, and besides, there is another topic for discussion over a cup of coffee.

Expand your horizons

Many TV series are based on biographies or real events. This is a great opportunity for the viewer to learn something new and expand their knowledge base. And also, if the topic that is raised in the serial is interesting to you, but is not familiar to you, with a high degree of probability you will “Google” this question in order to collect the overall picture. This is true not only for historical series, but also for highly specialized ones in which they operate in tricky terms. So, for example, while watching “The Big Bang Theory” I wanted to know what the Doppler effect is, what experiments Schrödinger performed on the poor cat, and briefly go over string theory. For me, this was an unexpected consequence of watching a sitcom. I think you have experienced this too.

Interest from a professional point of view

Today, a huge number of “profile” series are being filmed, which are especially interesting to those who are in one way or another connected with a similar profession. For example, doctors may probably be interested in the series “Knickerbocker Hospital,” which shows what stage of development medicine was at the beginning of the last century, and lawyers may well like “The Good Fight” or “Boston Legal.” But the series can also be useful for interior designers, stylists, and photographers, who can find new ideas or inspiration in them. And for those who have connected or want to connect their lives with cinema (scriptwriters, cameramen, directors), watching TV series can be safely prescribed on an ongoing basis.

Helps learn foreign languages

Have you been wanting to improve your English for a long time, but the prospect of sitting over textbooks doesn’t appeal to you? Watch series in the original language. In most series, the language is quite simple, so it won't be that difficult to understand. If listening comprehension is not yet very good, for starters, you can use the original subtitles, which are supplemented with most episodes. By the way, for those who study other languages, especially Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese), the scheme also works. Try it and you will understand how easy it is to sharpen your language skills in a relaxed manner.

Motivate and inspire

Inspiration can lie in wait for us everywhere - in books, in movies or in real stories. But don't write off the series. Sometimes watching an interesting show can encourage you to travel to places you never thought possible, to play sports, to change the type of activity that you have been thinking about for a long time, but still couldn’t decide, or even to open your own business.

Cure for the blues

Stress in our lives, alas, is not uncommon. And TV series help you fight them and take your mind off pressing matters, which by the evening already make your head spin. Watching an interesting TV series can also be considered as a break between tasks. For example, I completed a big item from my plan for the day, watched the episode and moved on to the next one. But fatigue and exhaustion tend to accumulate, and in the fall the seasonal blues can completely set in, so sometimes you can devote one day to rest and watch enough TV series until you drop. A kind of procrastination with benefit. And after such a “reboot” you can go into “battle” with renewed vigor.

Underwater rocks

Watching TV series is a pleasant and useful thing. But it is important to understand that even here, not the most pleasant surprises may await us. What do you need to remember when sitting down to watch the next episode of your favorite TV series?

Limit your viewing time

Everything is good in moderation. If you are used to watching TV series for seasons and sometimes to the detriment of your sleep or study/work, then you should get rid of this habit. Set aside some time a day for a series or two, and devote the rest of the time to business. And let it not be the time before bed - strong emotions or experiences can cause insomnia.

Choose only what catches you

Philosophers on social networks persistently recommend that we close a boring book or leave an uninteresting movie. Well, this also applies to TV series. If you started watching the top-rated series that all your friends and acquaintances were buzzing about, this is not a reason to finish watching it if you didn’t like it. It’s definitely not worth wasting time on something that doesn’t suit you. In addition, there are so many things being filmed now that you can find a multi-episode series to your liking.

Don't stay in one place

In most cases, watching TV series involves a static position, and only a few combine business with pleasure by playing sports while watching. If you're used to enjoying shows sitting or lying on the couch, remember to take breaks after each episode. Get up, walk around the room, you can do a couple of simple exercises like bending the body or warming up the neck (as a last resort, go to the kitchen and make tea) and only then return to the original sitting-lying position. Fitness trackers  or  smart watches  with a kick function can help with this  if you sit still for a long time.

Avoid snacking

When we are very passionate about something, we lose control of what is happening and stop keeping track of which sandwich or cookie we just ate. To avoid disappointment during your next weigh-in, you should not take snacks with you. If you can’t give them up, you can replace the classic “pizza-chips-cola” series set with healthier nuts or fruits.

How do you feel about modern TV series mania? Do you watch them just for leisure or do you find it useful? What series have you found inspiring or helpful? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.

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