Diablo 4 crafting tips and tricks - A Guide To Creating Items

Are you looking for ways to create the perfect Diablo 4 Items ? Look no further! This in-depth guide will provide you with all the information you need to craft your ideal gear. With the introduction of legendary aspects and the importance of stats in this latest installment of the game, Diablo 4 offers an exciting and complex crafting system that can enhance your gameplay experience.

How To Craft In Diablo 4

The Blacksmith

Despite the brand new crafting system, the Blacksmith is still the same old same old but with a few new tricks up his sleeve. Here, we have summarized everything that the Blacksmith has the ability to do in Diablo 4.

The Blacksmith can aid the player in crafting their weapons and armor or even upgrade them.

In terms of upgrades, to what extent a weapon can be upgraded is dependent on its rarity.

If players have some old armor lying around, then they can take it to the Blacksmith to dismantle/ salvage them and obtain some crafting materials in the process.

In case you had any jewels attached to the weapon that you have dismantled, then those jewels will be automatically returned to your inventory.

The Blacksmith can be unlocked fairly early in the game.


Upgrade your Healing Potions, and Craft Elixirs.

While the Alchemist provides upgrades for your Healing Potion, they also allow you to craft Elixirs and Incense. These will be important tools in your battle against the forces of Hell, especially Elixirs – which provide an XP bonus!

Crafting a Perfect Rare Weapon

Although legendary weapons might be tempting, using rare gear is often more cost-effective and allows for greater customization. To create a perfect rare weapon, follow these steps:

Choose a well-rolled rare weapon that aligns with your build and playstyle.

If necessary, visit the Occultist to reroll any undesirable stats on your rare weapon.

Upgrade your rare weapon with the blacksmith to improve its overall stats.


Just like The Blacksmith, Jeweler is one of the essential NPCs in Diablo 4. He is used to craft Gems and then put them into your equipment to get the most potent boosts for your hero. He moved to the game from Diablo 3. Still, Blizzard significantly improved Jeweler to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Diablo 4 Jeweler Location

As soon as you reach level 20, you get the objective to visit Kyovashad and find a Jeweler there. Since then, you will get this NPC unlocked. Still, Jeweler doesn’t have a particular spawn location. He can be found in all the leading Diablo 4 cities. Just be sure you will never face problems with finding a Jeweler.

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