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In Diablo 4 there is a farming method that lets you get legendaries easily. These Diablo 4 Items have better stats compared to your regular items. You can compare and keep the best. We'll discuss where to farm the best in Diablo 4. As well as some quick money-making strategies.

What Does Legendary Gear Do in Diablo 4?

There are several tiers of gear in Diablo 4, common, magical, rare and legendary. These are covered in detail in the linked Item Rarity Differences page, but generally speaking, the rarer the gear, the higher its stats (Attack Power, Armor and Resistances) and the more mods it will have. Mods on gear do a variety of things, but these generally boost various stat parameters like Life, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Willpower, Cooldowns, Mana Cost Reduction, Life on Kill, Life Regeneration, and give Skill Bonuses, to name a few. Gear quality scales to your level, and while higher-level, more common drops may be more powerful than lower-level, rarer ones, rarer gear is usually stronger, all else being equal… of course, the individual stats each gear modifies matters, too, depending on your build - no use having bonuses to skills you don’t use, for example.

Diablo IV Farming Guide

Quests and Bounties

The best method to farm legendary items in Diablo 4 beta is through Quests and Bounties. Bounties are side quests that offer great rewards to players who complete them, including legendary items. It’s important to note that Bounties can be done on any difficulty, but the higher the difficulty, the greater the drops. Make sure to be prepared before taking on Bounties to increase your chances of success.

Clear Dungeons and Defeat Bosses

Dungeon runs in Diablo 4 can net players up to three legendary items after completion. While it may get repetitive at times, it’s an effective way to farm legendary items. After every run, it’s important to save any legendaries you get, even if they are at a lower level. You can use these lower-level items to upgrade the stats on your current gear, saving you time farming for better items.


Gambling, or rerolling your stats on golden gear to get your preferred numbers, can also be a way to farm legendary items. This can be done by visiting the Blacksmith and using the “Enchanting” option to reroll one or two stats on a piece of golden gear. However, this method can be quite costly, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the stats you want. Therefore, it’s recommended to only use this method if you have a surplus of gold and are willing to take the risk.


Events are a great way to gear up and level up. They offer Gold, Obols, chests, and legendary items, making them an excellent choice for players looking to build their character. Players can also complete mastery objectives to earn even more rewards. Look for events that are close to dungeons so that you can complete the event and then go back into the dungeon, maximizing your farming time.

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