All Diablo 2 Resurrected Cube Recipes Guide - How Horadric Cube Crafting Works

Take a look at some D2R Items that can really make you rich, it's all about crafting for the various recipes, perfect gems, any jewels and various low runes are needed, and a blue item of a certain type as base, the item level of the base can be important, just like the Character level, the crafted items level becomes the result of Base item, level plus character level divided by two when crafting amulets, they must get at least item level 92 roll plus 2 class skills.


Generally speaking, the recipes are a mixture of items, with usually something magical, a perfect gem, a jewel, and a rune. Crafted items come in distinct types; Caster, Blood, Hit Power and Safety are a few common types, where there are many types of weapons, armor, and jewelry with similar properties.

In the section below you will see recipes and what they do. The list below shows what exactly lines from the recipes referred to:



Fixed Effects

You can see that we have designed them the same way as in the list below. Meaning that first comes the name of the crafted item, followed by required ingredients, which ends up with the list of guaranteed effects that you get on the item. Remember that in addition to them (Fixed Effects) you will also get 1-4 random modifiers.

The Crafted Recipe did not work: Make sure you use a Magic item, if it says Magic. Make sure you use the correct item type. If it’s looking for a Belt, it’s looking for the specific item “Belt” not any kind of Belt. The Runes are always certain ones, not just any Rune. It doesn’t matter if the jewel is magic, rare, or even unique. There are specific weapon recipes, where only one particular weapon, like a Grim Wand or a Colossus Crossbow, will work with the exact required Runes and other ingredients. All of these weapons have very similar preset mods. There are also class-items, which can only be made by a particular class.

Here are a few examples that were created, as you can see good rules can bring you lots of runes.

There are two different recipes being used, the block recipe needs a nephron, a perfect Ruby, a jewel and some gloves of the type heavy gloves sharks, skin gloves or vampire bone gloves, these are the dark brown ones, by recipe get five to ten percent crushing blow, one to three percent live leech and 10 to 20 life.

Additionally, 20 per cent attack speed is popular, of course, other affixes like strength, dexterity, resists, magic find or even Mana leech skills for Amazons or assassins are also useful.

Of course, also a good pair of gloves can sell very expensive, the other one is the hit power recipe here, an art Rune, a perfect Sapphire, a jewel and some chain gloves or higher versions, regarding the fixed mods, the only knockback is useful here, because such clothes are especially interesting for PVP bosons.

Jewel of fervor

Godly Heavy Bracers Of Chance

Perfect Sapphire

Pain Fist Heavy Bracers

Viper Clutches Chain Gloves

In addition, definitely attack speed and preferably also stats and resists here, you can see that 20 IAS and plus 2 to passive already makes the gloves very valuable, and if the other affix is also rolled well, it gets really expensive, belts are crafted less often, but there are two useful recipes here, as well blood and caster for blood, a towelroon, a perfect Ruby, a jewel, and some belt mesh belt or mithril coil 5 to 10 open ones, one to three per cent life leech, and 10 to 20 life are the fixed mods.

How Horadric Cube Crafting Works

While there are some basic items listed in the Horadric Cube recipe guide, there is another set of items that you can create in one of four categories: Blood, Caster, Hitpower, and Safety. These items come with preset magical properties, and can roll with anywhere from 1-4 magic affixes. The number of affixes you get will depend in part on the item level (iLvl) of the base item you use to create the end item.

Each crafted item requires four items to combine. Any magic properties on any of the component items play no role in determining the magic properties of the end item:

Magic-quality base item in Normal, Exceptional, or Elite quality: Must be Magic only or the combination will not work. This includes specific types of armor, weapons, Amulets, or Rings. Weapons have broad categories, and Amulets/Rings can be done with any magic Amulet or Ring. Armor and shields have required pieces that can only be used for that recipe.

Jewel: Any Jewel will do -- Magic or Rare doesn't matter.

Rune: Each recipe uses one specific Rune.

Perfect Gem: Each of the four types uses one type of Perfect Gem:

Blood: Perfect Ruby

Caster: Perfect Amethyst

Hitpower: Perfect Sapphire

Safety: Perfect Emerald

Base items are defined by the recipe item and change the iLvl depending on whether you are using a Normal, Exceptional, or Elite version of the base item. The Rune, Gem, and random Jewel do not change, no matter which quality level of base item you are using.

However, there are random elements to crafting. You can still get very low rolls or strange combinations of properties, such as an obvious tank or melee DPS item with +Sorceress skills. In a way, crafting is another form of gambling.

Remember that crafting is just one aspect of the game, and there are many other ways to acquire powerful gear, including trading with other players and completing quests. Don't be afraid to try different approaches and see what works best for you. In the game, some items can be particularly challenging to obtain, especially those with desirable stats and unique attributes. So many players buy some d2r items from safe online store, such as

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